Windows Repair

Bring It To The Windows Professionals
Are you having issues with Windows again? Here at Hotspot Computers we have been repairing laptops and desktop computers using Windows since we opened, we are very experienced in providing quick and easy repairs to get you back up and running. Not sure if your problem can be fixed? Give us a call and we will be happy to let you know.
Things To Watch Out For
Windows Repair Loop
Is your computer stuck in an endless loop trying to repair Windows? This can be caused by an error while trying to write to the boot partition of your hard drive. Common reasons this can occur are:
  • Incorrect Shutdown
  • Sudden Power Loss
  • BSoD
  • Hard Disk Failure
  • Failed Windows Updates
Windows Update Issues
Are you receiving an error while trying to install updates, or find they are consistently getting stuck or reverting back? Windows is constantly releasing and installing updates to make sure your system is running securely and as smooth as possible, normally these updates install without a problem but sometimes corruption inside of Windows or a prevention by 3rd party applications can occur.

Our team can help you repair these issues and help educate you on the problem to try and prevent the faults from occurring in the future.

Corrupted User Profile

Are you receiving a message that says you cannot login because your profile is corrupted or you have been logged in with a temporary profile?

Don’t worry you haven’t lost your data. One reason this can occur is because of Windows updates that are updating critical system files that are also updating the user profile, which haven’t been configured correctly which result in either locking you out of your profile or creates a new temporary profile.

Our technicians can help go through and diagnose the root of the cause for this, and repair and retrieve your data & profile.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Don’t worry it isn’t as bad as it sounds, Blue Screen of Death or BSoD is a term used when a stop error occurs which halts windows from loading when it detects an issue or error preventing windows from operating in a safe manner.

This can occur from faulty hardware or software drivers which are causing critical errors inside of windows, forcing it to shutdown to prevent any further damage, each blue screen normally has a fault code that represents exactly what is causing this issue.

Our specialised team can help examine and diagnose the fault codes and rectify the problem that is preventing you from using your computer.

Windows Performance Issues

Is your computer running slow or constantly freezing? There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that isn’t performing to the best of its abilities and preventing you from being able to use it smoothly and uninterrupted.

Over time computers can deteriorate or become cluttered which can cause them to slow down.

We can help you by repairing or offering upgrades to bring your computer back to life so you are no longer constantly waiting.

Network Problems

Are you having trouble connecting to the internet with your computer. This is something that can occur from time to time either after large Windows updates or interference from 3rd party applications. Here at Hot Spot Computers we will get your computer connecting back to the internet quickly for you so you can get back to what needs to be done.