Laptop Repair

Bring It To The Professionals
We have been performing laptop repairs for our Adelaide customers since we opened the doors in 2011. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in resolving issues whether they are hardware or software related problems. We diagnose and advise options for a flat rate allowing you to decide if any additional costs are worth it to you. So if your laptop is giving you issues then contact us today.
We Specialise In
We specialise in a wide range of laptop repair options. Below are a few of the more popular laptop repair options. However if you are experiencing issues then please call us, come in store or head down to the contact form below and let us know about the problem. We will then be in contact with you regarding your laptop repair options.
Screen Replacement
Screen damage can occur for many reasons. However it is not as bad as it seems in most cases. Bring it in to Hot Spot Computers and we can get your screen replaced with a new one and get you back up and running quickly.
Broken Hinges
Broken Hinges are something that occurs more often than believed. It usually occurs when the hinge mechanism seizes and causes the plastic around the case to become damaged. This can lead to other issues with your laptop very quickly so if you believe this sounds familiar then it’s advised to bring in your laptop to Hot Spot Computers for assessment today.
Impact Damage
Whether your laptop has been dropped or even driven over, Hot Spot Computers can assess the laptop and then inform you on your best course of action. If required, Data Recovery could be possible as well as a simple repair on the case to get you back up and running.
Liquid / Spill Damage
There is nothing worse than that moment that you realise that liquid has spilt all over your laptop. While this is very serious there are a few steps you can take to increase the chance of the laptop surviving. Firstly turn the laptop off straight away. Then bring it in to Hot Spot Computers where we will clean the laptop, including the circuitry inside, and assess its current state.
Cooling Issues
A laptop running hot is not all that uncommon. However if it starts to power off while you are doing things or the performance of the laptop has slowed considerably then it is a possible sign of heating issues. Bring it in to Hot Spot Computers and we can assess the best course of action to get your laptop back to peak operating level.
Charging / Power Issues
Charging and power issues are surprisingly common with laptops. These issues can sometimes be misdiagnosed as more serious issues, however if you have noticed that your laptop is not holding as much charge anymore or will not work without it being plugged in then bring it in to Hot Spot Computers and we can let you know the best course of action.
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