Insurance Assessment

Let us help you in this stressful time

HSC Insurance Claim Process

Have you accidentally damaged your laptop or PC? At Hot Spot Computers we understand the stress of what being left without your computer can cause, especially if its is your primary work or business computer.

We pride ourselves on making the insurance claim process as quick and streamlined as possible so that you get the best possible outcome from your insurance company. For us to process your claim, simply bring the damaged hardware to our service centre and one of our technicians will gather the necessary information for the assessment then generate a detailed report for your insurance provider to assess. We are also happy to contact your insurance company on your behalf with the report.

If Data Recovery is something you require we also offer a range of recovery services that will most likely recover information which you may not have previously made a backup of.

What is an Insurance Assessment?

When you make a claim against your insurance policy for damage to a computer or laptop your insurer will want an assessment of the damage so they can facilitate a quick response to you. We will provide you with a complete report listing what is working and what requires replacement for your device. Once supplied to your insurer this will greatly increase the turn around time of your insurance claim enabling either repairs or replacements to be facilitated.