Data Recovery

Data recovery is more successful than you may think
What to do?

We know how stressful it can be to lose data when something goes wrong, like a hard drive failure or system crash. You might not always have the latest data backed up to another device. We offer a Data Protection – Data Recovery service that typically recovers all of a customer’ data, we can’t guarantee 100% recovery 100% of the time but with our data recovery options the chances are better than you might expect. Contact the Hot Spot team and we can let you know the best course of action.

What to look for?
While it is not always possible to know if a hard drive is going to fail before it does, sometimes there are signs that you can watch out for. If you keep these in mind it can go a long way to keeping all of your important information safe and secure when disaster strikes.
Irregular Noises
Sometimes when a hard drive has a serious hardware malfunction this can cause it to start making irregular noises. These may range from clicking sounds (like a tick on a clock), to a more serious grinding sound. This being one of the more serious signs it is recommended to shutdown the computer and bring it in to Hot Spot Computers as soon as possible for diagnosis.
Slow Access Times
Your PC shouldn’t take 20 minutes to turn on, or even longer just to navigate around your folders. If you notice a severe slowdown in terms of you accessing files then it’s suggested to power down the machine and bring it in for diagnosis. If caught quickly enough there is a very probable chance of recovering your files and transferring them all to a new working and stable hard drive.
Your Drive Is No Longer Visible
This is one of the more obvious signs, but a sign none the less. Depending on availability you could try the drive in question on a different computer and see if it is recognised there. However it if it is consistently not recognised then it is suggested to bring it in and we can assess the drive and inform you of your options in regards to recovering your data.
Computer Crashes
If you are starting to see regular Blue Screens of Death (BSoD) or even crashes while Windows is trying to load, then this may indicate issues with your hard drive. If your drive starts to fail then it is possible to start corrupting important Windows files, this in turn leads to the above occurring more and more frequently. If you are receiving any of these issues it is suggested to bring it in for diagnosis.
S.M.A.R.T. – What Is It?
Forensic Data Recovery
Should your hard drive become completely unresponsive, it could still be possible to recover data. However this method is a lot more involved. The general idea is that the hard drive is repaired replacing the faulty components. If you have very important information that you would like recovered then give us a call and we can let you know your options and what’s required.