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CategoryDescriptionPriceQuantity AvailableProduct Code
CaseCasecom Z06 Black ITX Computer Case$3069-CASCAS001
CaseCasecom Z06 Rose Gold ITX Computer Case$3049-CASCAS002
Case/Fan/Cooling Add-OnBitfenix 120mm Spectre Pro Blue LED 1200RPM Fan$1549-COOBIT001
Case/Fan/Cooling Add-OnBitfenix - 140mm Spectre White LED PWM 1800RPM Fan$1519-COOBIT002
Case/Fan/Cooling Add-OnCasecom 80MM RED LED Fan / F+M Molex$5369-COOCAS001
Case/Fan/Cooling Add-OnCasecom 120mm Black Case Fan$5439-COOCAS003
Case/Fan/Cooling Add-OnGameMax WindForce 120mm LED Case Fan$1019-COOGAM001
Laptop AccessoriesOrico NCA1512 Notebook/Laptop Cooling Pad/Adjustable Fan$10409-COOORI001
AudioIntex IT-HP893SM Multimedia Stylish Headphone$10329-HSINT001
AudioRapoo EP20 Super Bass Aluminum Earbuds Blue$2079-HSRAP001
AccessoriesNEXTIUM 7 Port USB3.0 HUB With Power Adapter$30389-HUBNEX002
Keyboard & MouseE-Blue Seico K716 Office Backlit Keyboard$25119-KBEBL002
Keyboard & MouseLogitech G105 Gaming Keyboard$5019-KBLOG001
Keyboard & MouseLogitech MK270R Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo$3069-KMLOG002
Keyboard & MouseRapoo 1830 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo$2059-KMRAP001
Keyboard & MouseRapoo NX1710 Optical Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo$1779-KMRAP002
MediaRitek 52x 50 Pack Thermal White CD-R$10129-DVDRIT002
MediaSKC DVD-RW 4.7GB Re-Writeable 10PK$54BM-DV-SKC-001
Cables & AdaptersHypertec Display Port Cable M-M 2M$779-DCABHYP001
Cables & AdaptersRitmo 10M Premium VGA Monitor Cable$1039-DCABRIT001
Cables & AdaptersRitmo 2M Premium VGA Monitor Cable$559-DCABRIT002
Cables & AdaptersRitmo DPD-001 Mini Display Port to DVI Converter$739-DCABRIT003
Keyboard & MouseHavit HV-MS073 Optical Mouse$519-MSHAV001
Keyboard & MouseLogitech M171 Black Wireless Mouse$15109-MSLOG002
Keyboard & MouseLogitech M171 Red Wireless Mouse$1539-MSLOG004
Keyboard & MouseRapoo V20 Lightning Golden RGB Optical Gaming Mouse$3019-MSRAP001
Keyboard & MouseSteelSeries Kinzu V3 Red Gaming Mouse$4039-MSSS001
SpeakersLogitech H150 Stereo Headset with Mic Blue$102SO-HE-LOG-012
SpeakersLogitech Z506 5.1 Speakers$1001SO-SP-LOG-004
AccessoriesSilverstone LS01R Red LED Light Strip$1049-LIGSIL001
AccessoriesSilverstone LS01A Blue LED Light Strip$1039-LIGSIL002
AccessoriesSilverstone LS01W White LED Light Strip$1079-LIGSIL003
AccessoriesSilverstone LS01V Green LED Light Strip$1099-LIGSIL004
Power SupplyGamemax 400W ECO Micro ATX PSU 1$3549-PSUGAM003
Power SupplySeasonic SS-300TFX 80PLUS Apfc 300W Tfx 12V v2.3 PSU$3549-PSUSEA001
Power SupplySeasonic SS-300SFD Active PFC 300W SFX Power Supply$4049-PSUSEA002
AccessoriesSimplecom NB407 USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter$10169-BLUSIM001
AccessoriesSimplecom CM301 3 Port HDMI Switch with Remote$1539-ACCSIM001
AudioSimplecom UM301 USB Desktop Microphone$10119-MICSIM001
AccessoriesSimplecom CR307 USB3.0 All in One Card Reader$10179-UADPSIM003
AccessoriesSimplecom CHN411 USB Type C to 3 Port Hub+Gigabit Ethernet Adapter$2039-UADPSIM001
AccessoriesSimplecom NU301 USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter$1029-UADPSIM002
AccessoriesDonald Duck CD DVD Tin 24 Disc Storage Case$549-ACCDIS001
AccessoriesWinnie The Pooh Square CD DVD Tin 24 Disc Storage Case$569-ACCDIS002
AccessoriesWinnie The Pooh Rounded CD DVD Tin 24 Disc Storage Case$5109-ACCDIS003
AccessoriesMickey Mouse And Friends CD DVD Tin 24 Disc Storage Case$589-ACCDIS004
Keyboard & MouseLogitech MK120 Desktop Keyboard and Mouse$253KM-CO-LOG-003
Keyboard & MouseLogitech M100R Mouse$103KM-CO-LOG-018
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek E-Sata to E-Sata External Cable 0.5M$52CAB-HD-AST-001
Cables & AdaptersGigatech PS/2 Splitter Cable$22CAB-PS-GIGA-003
Cables & Adapters8WARE SERIAL D-SUB DB9M - DB25M ADAPTER$21CAB-US-8WRE-001
Cables & Adapters8WARE USB 2.0 TYPE A - MICRO USB B M/M 5M$52CAB-US-8WRE-002
Cables & AdaptersPS2 Extension Cable MD6M - MD6F 2M$23CAB-US-ANY-006
Cables & AdaptersUSB 2.0 Cable Type A to micro-USB M/M Black - 2M$25CAB-US-ANY-018
MemoryEmtec USB2.0 32Gb Flash Drive$153SDM-UP-EMT-001
MemorySanDisk 16GB USB Flash Drive$101SDM-UP-SAN-003
AudioFlujo USB Audio Adapter - Black - AH-1M-B$102USB-AUD-FLU-001
Cables & AdaptersDVI-M to VGA-F Adaptor$2209-DADPGEN001
Cables & AdaptersVGA M-F ADAPTER$279-DAPAGEN001
Cables & AdaptersIntex HDMI M to MINI HDMI F ADAPTER$259-DAPAINT001
Cables & AdaptersIntex Mini DVI-DVI Adapter$259-DAPAINT002
Cables & AdaptersIntex DVI (24+1) F-M HDMI$249-DAPAINT003
Cables & AdaptersMHL Adapter - Micro USB to HDMI$539-DCABGEN001
Cables & AdaptersHavit 1.5M Blue v1.4 HDMI Cable$5769-DCABHVT001
Cables & AdaptersHavit 1.5M Purple v1.4 HDMI Cable$51169-DCABHVT002
Cables & AdaptersHavit 1.5M Black v1.4 HDMI Cable$599-DCABHVT003
Cables & AdaptersHavit 1.5M Orange v1.4 HDMI Cable$5969-DCABHVT004
Cables & AdaptersInki HDMI - Mini HDMI Cable 1.5M$219-DCABINK005
Cables & AdaptersIntex DVI-HDMI Cable M-M 2M$259-DCABINT002
AccessoriesLogitech C170 Webcam$2089-WCLOG001
AccessoriesSuperflower Fan Grill 8CM - Atomic Energy Type Silver$216ACC-FAN-SF-003
Cables & AdaptersAudio Cable 3.5mm to RCA 2M$23CAB-AU-ANY-004
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek Toslink Optical Audio Cable M-M 1M$43CAB-AU-AST-001
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 4pin - 4pin IEEE 1394A Cable 2M$21CAB-FI-AST-005
Cables & AdaptersGigatech IEEE 1394 6P-6P 2M$211CAB-FI-GIGA-001
Cables & AdaptersGigatech IEEE 1394 6P-6P 5M$48CAB-FI-GIGA-002
Cables & AdaptersGigatech IEEE 1394 6P-4P 5M$43CAB-FI-GIGA-004
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek - MHL - Micro USB to HDMI$52CAB-HDMI-MHL
AccessoriesHuntkey SAC604 6 Outlet Surge Protector+2 USB Charging Ports$2039-PWRHUN001
AccessoriesHuntkey SAC807 8 Outlet Surge Protector+4 Port USB$3039-PWRHUN002
AudioLogitech Z120 Stereo USB Speakers$1529-SPKLOG001
AccessoriesHavit HV-C25 USB 2.0 6 Slot Card Reader$5529-UADPHVT001
AccessoriesSunix USB to RS232 Adapter$1029-UADPSUN001
Cables & AdaptersOTG Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 Pin Male to USB Female$519-UCABGEN001
Cables & AdaptersApple 30 pin to lightning adapter F-M$559-UCABGEN002
DVD/BD/CD DrivesRitek 16x 50 Pack Inkjet White DVD-R$101469-10DVDRIT001
Cables & AdaptersInki 3.5mm Audio Cable M-M 3M$229-ACABINK001
Cables & AdaptersIntex 3RCA - 3RCA Cable 1.5M$339-ACABINT002
AccessoriesCR-402 3.5 inch Internal Card Reader with Front USB 2.0$589-ACCGEN003
AccessoriesOrico IS331 Mini IDE/Sata Convert Adapter$5169-ACCOR001
AccessoriesOrico MS7555-2U-WH Universal Travel Adapter w/ USB$2039-ACCOR006
AccessoriesSilverstone TS08 9.5mm Slim ODD Conversion Tray$599-ACCSIL001
AccessoriesSilverstone TS09 12.7mm Slim ODD Conversion Tray$519-ACCSIL002
AccessoriesSilverstone SST-FF123 Ultra Fine 120mm Magnetic Fan Filter$2179-ACCSIL003
Cables & AdaptersMini Display Port to HDMI Adapter Generic$51CAB-VI-GEN-010
Cables & AdaptersDisplay Port to Mini Display Port 2M$71CAB-VI-GEN-011
Cables & AdaptersDisplay Port to Mini Display Port 3M$101CAB-VI-GEN-012
Cables & AdaptersHDMI Cable 0.5m$52CAB-VI-GEN-025
Cables & AdaptersHunterX HDMI-HDMI 3M Cable RETAIL$104CAB-VI-HUNT-001
CameraLogitech C270 HD Webcam 3MP Snapshot built in Mic 720P Rec$301CAM-WE-LOG-005
AccessoriesOrico MPH4540 450mm x 400mm x 5mm Mouse Pad$10639-MPORI001
Keyboard & MouseIntex IT-OP99 Gaming Mouse$10259-MSINT002
Cables & Adapters15M Starnet Cat6 Network Cable$10139-NCAB001
Cables & Adapters30m Cat6 Network Cable$2029-NCAB003
Cables & Adapters10m Cat6 Network Cable$10349-NCAB005
Cables & Adapters8ware Audio Extension Cable M-F 5M$55CAB-AU-ANY-002
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 50cm Network Cable CAT6$18CAB-NW-AST-001
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 1m Network Cable CAT6$15CAB-NW-AST-002
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 2m Network Cable CAT6$22CAB-NW-AST-003
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 3m Network Cable CAT6$33CAB-NW-AST-004
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 10m Network Cable CAT6$74CAB-NW-AST-006
MotherboardMSI A78M-E35 V2 AMD FM2+ Micro-ATX Motherboard$5029-MBMSI002
Cables & AdaptersInki 2M Mini Display Port to Display Port$2149-DCABINK001
Cables & AdaptersInki DVI-HDMI Cable M-M 5M$5229-DCABINK004
Cables & AdaptersIntex VGA Cable M-F 3M$329-DCABINT005
Cables & AdaptersRitmo 2M Premium VGA Extension Monitor Cable M-F$569-DCABRIT004
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek USB2.0 Male A to Mini B 1M$21CAB-US-AST-005
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek - USBA - OTG$53CAB-USB2-OTG
Cables & AdaptersAstrotek 5m HDMI Cable$82CAB-VI-AST-017
CalculatorCalculator S-836$21STA-CAL-001
CalculatorCalculator JT-8A$22STA-CAL-002
CalculatorCalculator JT1200H$21STA-CAL-003
SoftwareTrend Micro Internet Security 2017 3 Devices 12 Months$351SW-TREND-011
AccessoriesPromate Ascented-BP 15.6 Laptop Backpack$201NB-BAG-GEN-005
NetworkingTP-Link TL-WPS510U Single USB 2.0 Port Print Server$3019-NWTPL010
DVD/BD/CD DrivesLG GH24NSD1 Super Multi DVD Writer$2049-ODDLG001
Cables & AdaptersGo Select Micro USB OTG Cable$5209-UCABGOS001
StationeryLaser Premium Glossy Paper 170gsm (AO-LGP)$25PT-PAP-LAS-002
StationeryMicrojet D/C O/M Photo Paper 4" X 6"$213PT-PAP-MJ-008
StationeryMicrojet Premium G/P Paper 4" X 6"$23PT-PAP-MJ-010
AccessoriesGigatech 2 Port Serial PCI Card$23IO-PCI-GIGA-004
AccessoriesSunix USB 2.0 PCI Card with 5 X A Ports NEC Chip$102IO-PCI-SUN-003
TV/Radio Tuner/CaptureKworld USB TV Tuner with Remote$511LIVE-KW-001
MonitorAOC Monitor VESA Mount Stand Height/Tilt Adjustable$201MT-LC-AOC-043
NetworkingTP-Link TL-POE200 Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit$201NW-TP-102
NetworkingIntex USB To LAN 2.0 Adapter$151NW-USB-INT-001
NetworkingOrico USB3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet (UTR-U3)$151NW-USB-OR-001
NetworkingTP-Link TL-ANT2405C 2.4GHz 5dBi Omni-directional Antenna$1559-NWTPL001
NetworkingTP-Link TL-SF1016D 16 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch$3519-NWTPL002
NetworkingTP-Link TL-WDR3600 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router$7019-NWTPL003
NetworkingTP-Link TL-WA730RE 150Mbps Wireless N Range Extender$2519-NWTPL004
NetworkingTP-LINK TL-PS310U Single USB2.0 Port MFP and Storage Server$3019-NWTPL008
NetworkingTP-LINK TL-POE10R POE Splitter$1539-NWTPL009
AccessoriesMolex to 2x Sata Cable$2909-ACCGEN001
AccessoriesMolex to Sata Cable$289-ACCGEN002
AccessoriesInki Molex Y Cable Molex to 2 x Molex Power$299-ACCINK001
Cables & Adapters2 x 4PIN Molex to 6PIN PCI-E Adapter$226CAB-PO-GEN-001
Cables & AdaptersAnyware USB2.0 A-A M-F Extension Cable 2M$22CAB-US-ANY-017
Cables & AdaptersUSB to Audio 3.5mm cable 1.5M$579-ACABGEN001
Cables & AdaptersIntex 3.5mm Audio Cable M-M 10M$5109-ACABINT001
Cables & AdaptersIntex 7-Pack Black Cable Ties$2299-ACCINT001
Laptop & AccessoriesLazer 90w Universal Notebook Charger$401NB-AC-LZR-001
Laptop & AccessoriesTargus Defcon KL Key Cable Lock$2.5027NB-AC-TAR-001
Laptop & AccessoriesNotebook Targus Defcon CL Combo Lock$2.5013NB-AC-TAR-002
Cables & AdaptersVGA Monitor Extension Cable HD15M to HD15F 2Meter$44CAB-VI-ANY-011
Cables & AdaptersVGA Splitter Cable 1xM to 2xF 2M D-Sub Cable$101CAB-VI-ANY-022
Cables & AdaptersmBeat usb 3.0 card reader + micro usb 2.0 OTG reader$101CR-EXT-MB-001
NetworkingNetgear Wireless-N Router WNR2020-100AUS$403HUB-NET-001
NetworkingTP-LINK TL-SF1008D 8 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch$201HUB-TP-004
NetworkingTP-LINK TL-SG1008D 8 Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Desktop Switch$352HUB-TP-013
NetworkingSimplecom NW392 USB wireless N Adapter with 5dBi Antenna$151NW-SIM-001
NetworkingTP-Link 300M Wireless N PCI Adapter (TL-WN851ND)$202NW-TP-005
NetworkingTP-Link PCI Gigabit Network Adapter (TG-3269)$202NW-TP-021
Hard DriveHitachi HGST 2.5" 500GB SATA 6.0Gb/s$5029-HDDHGST002
Hard DriveSeagate FireCuda 2.5 inch 500GB SSHD SATA HDD 5400rpm$7019-HDDSEA001
NetworkingTP-Link TD-8840T ADSL2+ 4 Port Modem Router$2529-MDTPL001
NetworkingTP-Link D20 ADSL2+ AC750 Wireless Dual Band Modem Router$7059-MDTPL002
MonitorPhillips BDM4350UC 43" LED (4K-UHD) VGA/HDMI/DP$9001MT-LC-PHI-001
MemoryKingston 32GB USB Year of the Rooster Gift Box$2089-USBKIN001
MemoryZeppelin 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive$25139-USBZEP001
MemoryKingston 64GB Class10 MicroSD w/ SD Adapter$2079-FLAKIN001
AccessoriesGoSelect UltraBright USB LED Light$5569-ACCGOS001
AccessoriesGoSelect LG-USB13-01 USB LED Light$5439-ACCGOS002
AccessoriesTP-Link ADSL2+ Splitter / Filter$2209-ACCTPL001
SpeakersHuntkey Stereo Earphones$52SO-HE-HUN-001
Cables & AdaptersV1.4 HDMI Cable 5M$71009-DCABGEN003
Cables & AdaptersV1.4 HDMI 1.5M CABLE M/M Support 3D$33009-DCABGEN004
AccessoriesNextium 4Port USB Hub / Charger 6.2A$106659-HUBNEX001
AccessoriesOrico USB 3.0 to VGA adapter$4069-DAPAORI002
Cables & AdaptersRitmo U3AMAF5 USB 3.0 Extension Cable$1069-UCABRIT001
Cables & AdaptersRitmo U3AMBM2 USB 3.0 AM to BM$5159-UCABRIT002
Cables & AdaptersSilverstone USB2.0 TO USB3.0 INTERNAL ADAPTER$249CAB-US-GEN-005
PhoneHV-MSC13C Samsung S5 Screen Protector
PhoneHV-MSC14A Samsung S4 Screen Protector
PhoneHV-MSC14B Samsung S4 Screen Protector
PhoneMC19 Samsung S5 PU Phone Cover White
PhoneMC20 Samsung S5 Phone Cover Red
PhoneMC20 Samsung S5 Phone Cover Silver
PhoneMC20 Samsung S5 Phone Cover Blue
PhoneHV-MI501 Iphone5 Translucent White Phone Cover$21MI5015TW
PhoneMC19 Iphone5G PU Phone Cover Black$2162MC195GPUB
PhoneMC19 Samsung S5 PU Phone Cover Black$210MC19S5PUB
PhoneMC19 Iphone5G PU Phone Cover Turquoise$239MC195GPUT
PhoneMC19 Iphone5G PU Phone Cover Red$253MC195GPUR
PhoneMC19 Iphone5G PU Phone Cover White$223MC195GPUW
PhoneHV-MI501 Iphone5 Translucent Brown/Black Phone Cover$213MI5015TB
PhoneHV-MI501 Iphone5 Translucent Green Phone Cover$2162MI5015TG
DVDBlack DVD Case 4 Disc$2136DVD-CASE-001
AdapterIntex Right Angled HDMI M-F $2129-DAPAINT005
StorageOrico Grey PHP35 3.5" HDD Protection Box$31209-ACCOR002
StorageOrico Orange PHP35 3.5" HDD Protection Box$3859-ACCOR004
StorageOrico Purple PHP35 3.5" HDD Protection Box$3449-ACCOR005
StorageOrico Green PHP35 3.5" HDD Protection Box$3379-ACCOR003
StorageSeagate Archive 8TB 3.5" SATA 3 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 5900RPM$3502HDD3-SEA-103
Monitor19" Samsung S19C450BR/5MS/1280x1024, VGA/DVI/Adjustable$8089-MONSAM001
CableHavit Orange 25cm 3in1 USB-Lightning/Micro USB/40Pin Apple$2629-UCABHAV001
MonitorHavit LCD Screen/Keyboard Cleaning Kit$2259MT-AC-HAV-001
StorageSimplecom SE101 2.5" USB3.0 External HDD Enclosure$102HDD-EXT-SIM-004
CableHavit Green 100cm USB to MicroUSB Charging Cable$21359-UCABHAV004
CableHavit White 100cm USB to MicroUSB Charging Cable$21609-UCABHAV003
MouseHavit Light Blue Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Support$2359-MPHVT002
MouseHavit Green Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Support$21579-MPHVT001
MouseHavit Dark Blue Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Support$2299-MPHVT003
LaptopN19-B 14" Notebook Cooling Pad $10219-COOGEN001
CableRitmo Sata Data Straight Cable Orange$1419-CABRIT001
CaseSilverStone Raven RV05 Case$6039-CASSIL001
CableIntex 20M VGA Cable$2039-DCABINT001
CableVGA 1.8M Monitor Cable$3449-DCABGEN002
CableHavit Black 25cm 3in1 USB-Lightning/Micro USB/40Pin Apple$2389-UCABHAV002
CableRitmo Sata Data Cable Right Angle Red$139-CABRIT002
MonitorCMW410 LCDTV 26"-42" 4.2cmWall Distance 0or5deg Tilt 60kg$401MT-AC-RVM-001
CableInki DVI Cable M-M 5M$10109-DCABINK002
StorageSilicon Power Armor A60 - Black - 1TB - External$901HDD-EXT-SP-003
CableAstrotek 15m Network Cable CAT6$101CAB-NW-AST-007
MotherboardAM1M-S2P Gigabyte Motherboard$402AM1MS2P
MotherboardGigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 FM1$4019-MBGIG001
CaseThermaltake Versa H17 Micro-ATX Window Case$491CS-MD-THE-020
AccessoriesNextium Black Dual USB Car Charger $52539-ACCNEX001
AccessoriesNextium White Dual USB Car Charger$54069-ACCNEX002
TabletHV-MSC10A Ipad 2/3/4 Screen Protector$1126MSC10AIPAD234
TabletHV-MSC08A Ipad Mini Screen Protector$1160MSC08AIPADM
TabletMIP02 Ipad 5 Air Cover Tan$520MIP025AT
TabletMIP02 Ipad 5 Air Cover Black$524MIP025AB
StorageSyncbee External USB Enclosure$2014SYNCBEE
StorageSamsung Evo 16GB Micro SDHC Class10 $103SDM-SD-SAM-002
StorageKingston 4GB SD Card$51SDM-SD-KIN-004